Become ADA Compliant Commercial Door Owners

As you know, ADA Compliant commercial doors will open fantastic business opportunities for your company and buildings. People with reduced mobility need to be able to move around freely and access all areas of your establishment. From Sliding Glass Commercial Doors to accessible restrooms your doors are literally the entrée to increased business!

When ADA compliance is either an issue or an opportunity, contact Door Remedies for a review of your current commercial door set up. Are your compliant? What will it take to become compliant? And how much will that cost if I decide to move forward?

Your friends at Door Remedies work with, repair and install all types of ADA Compliant commercial doors and related service hardware. The Americans with Disabilities ACT was passed in 1995. So get with it and call Door Remedies for your ADA Compliance Review! (314) 246-0449.