Automatic Door Operators and Closers in St. Louis

Door Remedies offers two American Eagle Door Closer Series. Please click below to find out more information about each series

Download American Eagle Door Closer: 3100 Series Spec Sheet


All door closers shall be American Eagle 3100 Series with full rack and pinion construction, cast aluminum closer body, round style arm assembly and optional streamline cover. Hydraulic control shall be through separate non-critical sweep, latch and backcheck valve adjustment. Closers shall be non-handed, suitable for regular, top jamb and parallel arm applications with fasteners for wood and metal doors and frames. Sex nuts and bolts shall be furnished standard. Closers shall be available in adjustable version size 1-4 or 3-6. Closers shall be listed by U.L./U.L.C., comply with UL 10C and UBC 7-2 (1997) for positive pressure and certified to ANSI A156.4 Grade 1.


HANDING: Non-handed

OPERATION: Rack and pinion design

BODY: High strength aluminum alloy

ADJUSTMENT: Adjustable controlled closing / Separate hydraulic backcheck standard / Separate sweep, latch and backcheck intensity valves

SIZE: Adjustable spring size 1 through 4 or 3 through 6 / Available to meet barrier free opening force requirements

MOUNTING: Common 9-1/16 x 3/4 mounting hole pattern / Tri-packed for regular, top jamb and parallel arm installations / Optional hold open arm / Optional DS heavy duty parallel stop arm / Sex nuts and bolts standard / Self drilling, self tapping screws available

COVER: Streamline plastic cover optional

FINISHES: Sprayed aluminum, dark duranodic bronze and gold

CERTIFICATION: UL and ULC listed / Complies with UL 10C and UBC 7.2 (1997) Certified to ANSI A156.4 Grade 1

WARRANTY: Five (5) year limited warranty

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Manufactured in the Republic of South Korea, a country that has signed a Trade Agreements Act with the U.S.A. and is identified as a Designated Country; thus, waiving the Buy American Act.


Regular arm mount is a pull side application with double lever arm. The closer mounts on the door and the arm mounts to the frame. It provides the most efficient operation for a door control and is commonly used on in-swing doors from corridors or other interior doors. Regular arm mount is a poor choice for exterior out-swinging doors as it would put the closer on the exterior of the building. The arm assembly projects directly out from the frame. That may be a concern for vandalism or aesthetics. Regular arm application can be used with non-hold open or hold open arms.


Top jamb mount is a push side double lever arm application that offers the best alternative to regular arm mount. The closer mounts to the frame and the arm mounts to the door. This application is commonly used on exterior out-swinging doors. It is a poor application for in-swinging doors from a corridor as it places the closer arm in a visible application projecting into the corridor. The arm projects out similar to regular arm mount. Therefore, it can be a concern for vandalism or aesthetics. Top jamb application can be used with non-hold open or hold open arms.


Parallel arm mount is a push side double lever armapplication. The closer is installed on the push side of the door and the armis mounted to a parallel arm adapter plate installed to the frame soffit. The arm is approximately parallel with the face of the door, eliminating the projection condition evident with regular arm and top jamb applications. Parallel arm is often preferred where aesthetics or vandalism are concerns. Parallel arm is less efficient than regular or top jamb mounts due to the geometry of the arm. Parallel arm application can be used with non-hold open or hold open arms.


The parallel stop arm mount is an enhanced version of the parallel arm application. It is similar to the parallel arm mount but incorporates a heavy duty rigid arm and soffit plate with limiting dead stop. The dead stop feature is field handed. The closers backcheck function should be adjustedto cushion the impact of the stop. The parallel stop arm is intended for use where an auxiliary stop cannot be utilized. The parallel stop arm is available in non-hold open (DS) and hold open (DSHO) applications.


The Non Handed Track arm mount incorporates a single forged main arm for installation in high use, high abuse door applications. It’s low profile helps prevent damage.