Door Remedies offers a wide variety of CyberLock products.

To learn more about CyberLock, please read below or click here to download the information sheet.

CyberLock is an innovative lock system that easily converts existing mechanical locks into an access control system. With electronic lock cylinders, programmable CyberKeys, and CyberAudit software, you can create a powerful system to track and control access to every lock in your facility.

How does it work?

CyberLock electronic cylinders replace standard mechanical cylinders. Each CyberLock cylinder is an electronic version of a standard mechanical lock cylinder. Installing the cylinder into the lock hardware is as simple as removing the existing mechanical cylinder and replacing it with the CyberLock cylinder.

No wiring or battery is required at the lock.

The lock installs without wiring of any kind, and does not contain a battery. The power required to open a lock comes from the battery in the key.

CyberLocks cannot be picked.

CyberLocks have no keyway, and cannot be picked like a mechanical lock. CyberLocks resist forced rotation, and are designed to remain in the locked position if tampered with.

CyberKeys cannot be duplicated.

It's not possible to create a duplicate CyberKey. Passwords in the software and hardware are unique to each installation, and protect against creation of unauthorized keys. And, although two keys can be programmed alike, each one makes its own unique record in the software. Both a key with a replaceable battery and a key with a rechargeable battery are available.